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How to Deal With Labrador Puppies Biting

How to Deal With Labrador Puppies Biting

Got a brand new labrador puppy? They're adorable, but those teeth are sharp! Here's how you can deal with labrador puppies biting so it stops once and for all.

Have you recently adopted a Labrador puppy? If so, congratulations! Labs are a lot of fun but also a lot of work. Puppies can be silly and develop some annoying behavior. One of these habits is biting.

It should come as no surprise that puppies love to chew on stuff and nip at hands and legs. Fortunately, this annoying behavior can be changed. This article takes a look at how to deal with Labrador puppies biting. Keep reading to learn some tips for making your pup less of a biter and more of a pleasure to raise.

Watch Your Hands

This article will discuss training your pup not to bite, but first, you need to focus on minimizing painful nips. When you play, be careful to keep your hands out of the way, and resist the impulse to tease your puppy with your fingers. This kind of reinforcement will simply condition naughty behavior to continue.

Don't Reward Biting

Whenever you happen to get nipped, she needs to understand that this is unacceptable behavior. The best way to get this message across is to say "no" and then withhold treats. There's nothing a Lab pup loves more than a tasty treat, so withholding a treat lets her know she's done something wrong.

Distract Your Pup

One of the keys to reducing the occurrence of biting is to distract your pup when she's excited and playful. When she's nipping at you, hold a rawhide bone or chew toy so that she can chew on the end rather than being tempted to bite your hand.

Use a Harness and House line

Puppies love when you come home. That's why they get so excited and want to play. This is often when puppies will bite at your legs, in an effort to get your attention. One solution for cutting down on jumping and biting when you come home is to use a harness and house line. This provides some mobility during the day, and yet restricts them from being overly aggressive when you get home.

Using a Clicker and Treats

Keep a clicker and treats handy for training purposes. Move your hand near your puppy's mouth, and if she doesn't attempt to nip your hand, say "yes", click the clicker, and offer a treat. The sound of the clicker followed by a reward will condition her to recognize that good behavior equals positive reinforcement.

Learn to Play Safely

When training your pup not to bite, it's a good idea to avoid roughhousing. This doesn't mean you can't play, just do so in an organized and constructive manner. Your dog will love to run, fetch, and get as much attention as possible, But wrestling on the ground and using your hands in a playful manner will send her the wrong message and she'll begin to view your hands as toys.

Tips to Help Stop Labrador Puppies Biting

Lab pups are a joy to own. They make great members of the family. And yet Labrador puppies biting can be painful and annoying. Fortunately, the tips in this article can help eliminate this undesirable behavior. Click here to see informative tips for first-time dog owners.

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