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Bringing Home Your British Labrador: 5 Tips to Facilitate a Smooth Transition For Your New Pup

Did you know that Labrador retrievers have

been America's most popular dog for 28 years?

With their classic good looks and pleasant disposition, it's no wonder so many people love British Labradors.

Are you about to buy a Labrador puppy of your own? Are you wondering how to turn your home into a warm, puppy-friendly environment?

In this post, we'll consider five tips to ensure your puppy loves his new home. Read on to learn more!

1. Lay Down Ground Rules

A family meeting is essential before you make the decision to buy a puppy.

Who will be the primary caregiver in charge of feeding, potty training, and other basic tasks? Will the puppy be allowed on the couch or on beds? What specific words (down, sit, stay, etc) will you all use?

Figuring this out ahead of time means more preparedness for you and less confusion for your puppy.

2. Stock up on Puppy Supplies

Like bringing home a new baby, there's a lot you'll need to get to prepare a space for your puppy.

At the very least, you'll need to buy:

  • Good quality puppy food

  • Food and water bowls

  • Collar, leash, and ID tags

  • Bathing and grooming supplies

  • Puppy toys and training aids

  • A crate or potty pads (or both)

You'll want to spend as much time as possible with your pup those first few days, so make sure you have everything you need before you bring him home.

3. Puppy-Proof Your Home

How's the fencing in your yard? Are there any gaps or holes where a small puppy could potentially wiggle out?

Are there any areas of the house that will be off-limits to your puppy? Are there any electrical wires, cleaning supplies, or other potential hazards to seal off?

Is there a safe place to store shoes, rugs, and other items your puppy may be tempted to chew on? Do you have a safe, gated-off area where your puppy will spend most of his time?

4. Gather Your Team

Even with everyone in the family pitching in, you're likely to need reinforcements for puppy care.

Do you know the best pet sitters, dog walkers, and doggie daycare centers in your neighborhood? Do you already have a veterinarian lined up for puppy vaccinations and other routine care?

What about obedience classes or other types of training? If necessary, ask around for recommendations from friends and neighbors.

5. Be Patient & Gentle

Above all, your new puppy needs your time, love, and attention. If possible, arrange to take a few days off work to spend as much time as possible when you first bring him home.

Keep the home environment pleasant but quiet and low-key. Handle your puppy gently, using a calm and reassuring tone. If you have kids, supervise them around the puppy to ensure they're not overwhelming him.

Give your puppy plenty of praise, and allow him plenty of time to rest. In such a loving and nurturing environment, he's sure to thrive!

Ready to Bring Your British Labrador Puppy Home?

Puppies are a lot of hard work, but your efforts will be more than worth it.

Before you bring home your new British Labrador puppy, refer back to these tips. That way you'll know you've created the perfect "forever" home for the newest member of your family.

Are you still searching for the right puppy? Click here to see our latest litter of AKC registered British Labrador puppies.

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