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Yellow Labrador

    Chances are you have seen a Yellow Lab at some point in your life. They are one of the most popular dogs in the world and are one of the most popular show dogs in the world. If you are looking to adopt a Yellow Lab you are certainly not alone.


Yellow Labrador Retriever

    Now first comes a bit of a disclaimer. Not all Yellow Labs are actually yellow in color. They can be cream white, pale yellow, gold, fox red and any shade in between. It doesn’t matter which shade they are they are officially a Yellow Lab. When Labrador dogs were first bred in England in the 1800s any color except for black was not desirable and sadly many dogs were culled simply for having the wrong color coat. As a working and hunting dog they stood out which gave them a disadvantage. Fortunately, that practice has changed and by the early 20th century the yellow lab was the most popular color in England and in many ways they still are.

    The genes for a Yellow Lab are recessive genes which means that a Yellow Lab puppy can be born at any time, which had disastrous consequences for some early Labs. The earliest known surviving Yellow Lab was born in 1899. The Kennel Club of England recognized yellow as an official color in 1908 in part to help differentiate these dogs from Golden Retrievers. Yellow Labs were actually known as Golden Labradors initially but the color designation changed since the Kennel Club did not recognize gold as a color.

    The popularity of the Yellow Lab spiked in the 1970s when a Yellow Lab puppy was used in an advertisement for the British toilet paper company Andrex. The cute puppy was shown frolicking in toilet paper and later in the bathroom. The advertisement campaign ran in 30 different countries with several variations until 2010 when the puppy was replaced with a digital version. Andrex was purchased by the owner of Kleenex, Kimberly Clark, and the cute little puppy became known as the “Andrex Puppy” and later the “Kleenex Puppy.” 

    These advertisements made everyone want a Yellow Lab and the color became extremely popular and the lighter in color the better. Darker shades of yellow declined in popularity though they too are slowly making a comeback today. Either way, Yellow Labs are still popular today, both as a show dog and as a working dog. They are the most popular guide dog in the world. Numerous breeders are dedicated to the Yellow Lab and they are not hard to find.

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