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5 Facts About Your British Labrador Retriever That'll Blow Your Mind

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Want to learn more about your british labrador retriever? Here are 6 facts about this breed that'll blow your mind!

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According to the American Kennel Club, the Labrador Retriever has been the most popular dog breed since 1991.

While that may not come as a surprise to you, did you know that there is an American and British variation?

While the American Kennel Club accepts both variations as a Labrador Retriever, there are some key differences between these lovable breeds. Besides being stockier and having finer features than the American Lab, the British Labrador Retriever has some unique traits.

Keep reading to learn some facts about British Labrador Retrievers!

1. They Descended from St. John's Water Dog

St. John's Water Dogs originate from Newfoundland, Canada. In the 1500s, the English brought these dogs to Dorset, England on their fishing boats.

Soon, the gentry class fell in love with St. John's Water Dogs and began training them to hunt waterfowl.

The Earl of Malmesbury was so impressed with these dogs that he imported some and began breeding pure lines.

St. John's Water Dogs are now extinct, but American and British Labrador Retrievers both descend from it!

2. The British Labrador Retriever Was Bred to Be Calm

The way that American and British huntspeople trained the American and British Labradors caused their personalities to be different.

The British would line the dogs up and call on them one at a time to retrieve waterfowl. The dogs who remained calm and politely waited their turn were rewarded.

In America, Labradors were bred to be energetic. Huntspeople would award the dog who retrieved more waterfowl than the other dogs did.

Because of this training, the British Labrador Retriever makes a good indoor pet. Additionally, these breeds are great with kids because of their patience.

3. They are Easy to Train

British Labrador Retrievers are highly motivated to learn. Their easygoing temperament gives them better focus than their American counterparts.

Because they're so willing to learn, British Labradors make excellent police dogs, therapy dogs, and guide dogs. Some people also enter them in show competitions, and of course, some people hunt with their British Labs!

4. Labs Have a Higher Risk of Obesity

British Labs are more prone to be obsessed with food. This is because many Labs have a genetic variance where they're missing all or part of their POMC gene.

Many service dogs have this gene mutation because they're more food-motivated, making them easier to train.

Don't worry, though! With a proper diet and portion control, your British Labrador Retriever can live a long, healthy life.

5. British Labs are Great at Swimming

Because they were trained to retrieve waterfowl, the British Labrador Retriever breed is excellent at swimming.

All dogs have webbed paws, but the British Lab's large feet give them an advantage in the water.

Also, their coat has a waterproof outer layer that protects its insulated inner layer. They don't get cold as easily compared to other dogs, meaning they can stay in the water longer and have a great time!

Give a British Lab a Forever Home!

Are you now excited to adopt a British Labrador Retriever of your own? Click here to find your new best friend! Ruffwood Labs prides itself on supplying you healthy puppies that come from a healthy, clean environment.


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