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Meet Our Family (Dogs)

Our dogs are AKC registered Labrador Retriever, more specifically British and English Labs. They are in excellent health and spirit. Whether you are looking for a hunting companion, service animal or adventure buddy, we have a dog for you!

They have a wonderful temperament, are extremely intelligent, easily trained and completely loyal to their humans.

"Khali" Chocolate Kahlua of Wild Rose


I'm a sweet girl that loves to get my ears rubbed and hang

out with my humans. I am a little shy and cautious when

I first meet you, but warm up quickly with a good belly

rub and treat. I love to play fetch and chase after

soccer balls. 

"Leroy" Laid Back Leroy Brown

I love to give kisses and lounge around inside the house, chase butterflies, pick flowers, chase a ball, and hide my toys. I am a Clown and seem to get into trouble for just being me! My Humans say I'm to smart for my own good...just because I can let myself and the Girls out of

our kennels! I have been working really hard on my obedience training; I sit in place and stay until called, I heal excellently, and I've even been working on some tricks and rally training. I will earn my Canine Good Citizenship Award soon!




Black Lab

"Harlow" Ruffwood's Midnight Harlow

I am a sweet girl. I love to play, run and roll in the grass. I can't resist a ride on the mule or ATV!

I love to explore and meet new creatures, large and small. I love to play fetch and chase butterflies.

But, my favorite thing in the world is ear rubs!!!!

Golden Xena of Ruffwood.jpg

"Xena" Golden Xena of Ruffwood

In case you haven't guessed, I am Mom's favorite...I live in the house full time and even get to go to her office! She loves when I put my toys back in the toy box. I love to ride in the car! I am goofy and love to turn flips. I love to watch TV and snuggle up on the couch with a blanket, pillow and my humans. I am very observant, nothing gets by me. I love to splash in the pool and dig holes in the back yard. I love to give big sloppy kisses!

Curtis Lowe .jpg

"Curtis" Ruffwood's Curtis Lowe

I am an English lab. I am laid back and easy going.

Dad says I'm really lazy just because I had rather sit and watch as to jumping right in the mix of things.

I love to play with everyone here at Ruffwood Labs. I love to tackle the cat, but she has started to retaliate. Ouch!

My preferred position is upside down, making easy access for belly rubs! I am learning new tricks everyday and looking forward to meeting all the visitors here at the kennel. 


"Angel" Ruffwood's Princess Angel

I am a British Lab. I am a very sweet girl. I live to be loved and snuggled. I love to run and play with all the other dogs in the play yard, but I prefer hanging with my humans. I look forward to visitors, I great them with a bark and a tail wag every time. And I Looooove ear scratches! Come visit us soon!

"Desi" Desdemona of Ruffwood

I am half English, Half British Lab. I love to run and play and can be a little excitable when new people come to play! I get really excited when the barn cats come for a visit. I love to collect sticks and rocks, but Dad won't let me keep them in my kennel. I love a good chest rub and I hope you come for a visit soon!

Queen Daenerys Of Ruffwood.jpg

"Dani" Queen Daenerys of Ruffwood

I am a British Lab. I love to dig holes and play in the rain. I love to play in the swimming pool all summer long. Nothing sneaks up on me, I am very observant and vocal. My best friend is Amos Moses, we have the best time playing chase in the play yard. We could run and play all day, stopping to dig a few holes and take a dip or two in the pool.  I hope you come to visit soon!


"Amos" Ruffwood's Amos Moses

I am a Englis Lab. I am a helper...I will help myself to things in the refrigerator door every time you open it. I help myself to one of Dad's sock from the laundry hamper or straight from the dryer. I help myself to the TV remote, the water bottle you are drinking from or your cell phone.  Then we have a great time playing chase. I really am a good boy! I follow command very well, except when playing chase. Dani is my best friend, we love to play chase and swim in the pool. Come visit and we can play chase too!

Family Tree

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