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Meet the Batemons'

Owners of Ruffwood Labs - Puppies For Sale in Huntsville AL
Welcome to our site!


We are Darrell and Angie Batemon!

We are empty nesters. Our children, Coty and Morgan, are doing their own thing these days and that leaves  a lot of free time on our hands. 

We love our dogs and feel no family is complete without a (or 2 or 3) four-legged friend! We have always been animal lovers  and have raised and rescued quite a few! 

We offer quality AKC Registered British & English Lab puppies for sale in Blountsville, Alabama and the surrounding areas.

The British & English Lab are a well-mannered companion to hunters, families and therapy services.  What makes them such great animals? They have a very calm demeanor, they are highly intelligent, easily trained and extremely loyal.

Great for the individual or family!


We are located in a small farming community in North Alabama about 45 minutes north of Birmingham and 40 minutes south of Huntsville.





We welcome and encourage kennel tours!

     Come out and get to know our dogs!

British Lab Puppies For Sale

Once you have chosen your Ruffwood Labs

Purchase Plan

To let you know how our purchasing plan works; 

We prefer a perspective buyer come out and meet our dogs to see which personalities are best suited for for each other. 

We take deposits on available litters and upcoming litters. You can reserve your place in the picking order for your choice of available litter, future litters, specific color and/or gender.


We want to make the process easy for you,

we except cash or you can pay with our secure                      

option using a credit card or a PayPal account.  

We take a $200 non-refundable deposit to reserve your place in the picking order. 1st deposit down- 1st pick, 2nd deposit- 2nd pick and so on. If you haven't made your choice before the 5 week mark, you will be contacted to make your choice; in person, video call, or by photos sent via text or email.   We hold all puppies until 7 weeks, so that they receive all their vaccinations on schedule, they are de-wormed according to veterinary recommendations and AKC Reunite Microchips are inserted upon request.

At the time of pickup, your balance is due. 

At pickup,  we will go over all registration paperwork, feeding instructions and explain our Health Guarantee. 

We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you have at this time or feel free to give us a call should a question arise.

We are available to answer questions any time, for the new owner or the long time owner. 

If you are not ready to pickup your new friend at the 7 week mark, boarding arrangements can be made to hold your pup for a short time at a reasonable fee. 

A small starter bag of food, basic collar & leash, along with some travel necessities will be included in your Going Home Goodie Bag. 

To Complete your deposit form and payment
scroll down the page

Health Guarantee

Ruffwood Labs does not knowingly sell a sick puppy. There are a multitude of diseases and sicknesses that can be acquired by an animal during its lifetime, just as in humans, we cannot guarantee that none of them will effect your dog. Please do not expect Ruffwood Labs to assume this responsibility. We feel that selling a healthy puppy and offering a guarantee against hip dysplasia, elbow and eye defect is fair and equitable to both the buyer and seller.

General Health Guarantee

We guarantee that if you bring your puppy back within 3 days of purchase; with a written statement from your licensed veterinarian, stating that your puppy has a serious health condition, you will be given a complete refund of the purchase price of the puppy. Injury or accidents after the purchase of the puppy will be excluded as reasons for refund.

26 Month Health Guarantee

In addition to the immediate guarantee, we offer a 26 month health guarantee to the original purchaser, against any defect of the eyes, elbows or hip dysplasia. We highly recommend a preliminary x-ray be done on your puppy at the age of nine months to pre-determine if there is a problem or potential for a problem. This guarantee would be void if the dog had been bred or used for stud.

If a problem should arise


In order to honor this guarantee, and to verify that any hip dysplasia is not the result of overwork, injury or obesity; we require copies of all veterinarian statements, photos, and x-rays to be shared with our veterinarian to obtain a confirming opinion of health related issues. If your dog had to be euthanized due to severe hip dysplasia; we must receive confirmation from your veterinarian stating such. We will replace your puppy at no charge. If hip dysplasia is not severe and you choose to keep your puppy; we will sell you a new puppy at half the price. 

We want your experience at Ruffwood Labs to be a pleasant one!

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