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Crate Training: To use or not to use

One of the most asked questions we get here at Ruffwood Labs, "What is the best way to train my new puppy?" Our preferred training method is always Crate Training. While we are not dog trainers, we do believe in this method and have had excellent results with our own dogs. The biggest obstacle in crate training, is not being consistent. When you are not consistent with your training practices, it confuses the dog. So, with that being said I would like to share with you a link to an article put out by AKC,

This article should give you some points to ponder during your training journey.

We also would not recommend using training pads while trying to potty train. This practice also confuses your new pup. The best potty training practice is to be consistent in taking your pup outside on a regular basis. We recommend picking your pup up, taking it to the same spot in the yard, sitting it down and let nature take it's course. When done, praise your pup, maybe even reward them for a job well done. And, when I say reward, I don't necessarily mean a treat. Some dogs respond well to a good belly or ear rub, while others have to be bribed with a treat. This reward system will be something you and your pup establish together. We have dogs that are treat oriented and others that are praise oriented, and it just depends on the dogs personality.

If you have training questions, we would be happy to answer them if we can, or refer you to a good source for more information. Send us any question you have related to your new pup, we enjoy researching to find those answers for you.

But, remember to always be consistent in your training!


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