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First-Time Dog Owners and the Lab

Why Labrador Retrievers are great for the First time dog owner!

If you are tired of always being disappointed with humans, then you can just buy your very own best friend. To nourish and care until you both get old. The very reason why people prefer to live and sacrifice their lives for their dog is due to their gentle behavior unconditional love, without any reservation. You can rely on them anytime, anywhere, without having a fight or arguement. And, if you are planning to get one, the best option for first-time dog owners are Labrador Retrievers. Why is that?

Four Major Advantages of Choosing a Labrador Retriever

Labs are energetic.

Young Labrador Retrievers are very energetic. At 7 weeks of age, you need to begin teaching them good behavior and the proper ways to play with others.

While young they play hard but they also need their rest. Always match the appropriate activity to the age of the puppy. Too much strenuous activity is bad for their joint at a young age, so build up to activities like obstacle courses and long distance hikes.

Labrador Retrievers are known for their positive character.

They are known to be loyal and obedient. These two characteristics are what separates them from other dogs. Labrador Retrievers take to obedience training very quickly due to their desire to please their human. They are very gentle dogs in comparison to their size. Being obedient and loyal are the most important things to consider when buying a dog.

The Labrador breed is highly intelligent.

They are Smart, there is no doubt about it. You may not require a professional trainer if you are consistent with your commands and persistent when trying to teach new things. The use of treats is a great motivator, but joyous praise, a good rub on the head and Good Dog are always good too!

They are so cute!

Another plus for the Labrador Retriever is the fact that they are great with kids. Just looking at them, that beautiful face and loving eyes will make your day. They always seem to have a smile on their face and joy in their eyes.

They are very gentle and love to play with kids of all ages. They are also good with other dogs.

That is why a first-time dog owner should get their own Labrador Retriever and Ruffwood Labs would love to assist you with your purchase. We love to pair humans with their very own Canine best friend!

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