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Healthy Conditions at Ruffwood Labs

Lab Puppies For Sale in Alabama

When looking to purchase a dog of any breed, look for a reputable breeder. They should encourage you to come and actually see the site and you should take them up on it. Not only will that give you facetime with your prospective dog but it will also allow you to see the conditions that they are growing up in. Reputable breeders strive to have a happy and healthy living environment (and take pride in it) for their dogs to spend their first few weeks of life before finding that forever home.

At Ruffwood Labs we strive to be germ free and to provide the healthiest and safest living environment for our lab puppies for sale in Alabama. The reason for that is simple, the cleaner the kennel the healthier the puppies being delivered. We of course keep it as clean as possible until the puppies leave us. But there is more than just keeping the kennels clean. If you get a Labrador puppy from Ruffwood Labs they have grown up in a safe and healthy environment.

First, it goes without saying, but it gets hot in Alabama in the summer and the humidity is not for the timid. In the winter it can get cold, maybe not as cold as in the north but it does get cold. We keep our kennels heated and cooled at a comfy 75 degrees just like your home so our dogs can live in comfortable conditions. This is helped by ceiling fans that operate at all times. This helps to facilitate air movement so our kennels do not smell like a kennel.

Lab Puppies in Georgia

To keep the kennel as sanitary as possible we disinfect it with the hospital-grade cleaner, chlorhexidine, at least once a day and sometimes twice. This is the same cleaner used to sterilize operating rooms before surgery and is also used to clean and sterilize medical equipment.

As mentioned in an article at Diamondback Drugs,

"It is also used in less concentrated forms to treat infections of the skin, ears and mouth, including otitis externa and gum disease."

Wysiwash Sanitizing System - Ruffwood Labs - Alabama Lab Puppies

Our common areas are cleaned using a Wysiwash Sanitizing System which kills canine parvovirus, the number one killer of puppies, as well as other viruses and bacteria and neutralizes mold.

We have a trench drain system in the floor which leads to a buried septic tank to take the waste water away, which helps increase the sanitary conditions. Our dogs are bathed in a bathtub area where the waste water is carried away. Our dogs never stand in waste water or in solid waste. Solid waste is also removed and taken to a compost area clear from the dog common and play areas.

When it comes time for feeding our lab puppies receive only the best. They are fed Purina Pro Plan, the #1 recommended puppy food by veterinarians. This food is tested both scientifically and with animals (most are only scientifically tested) and is recommended by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). For further supplement puppies that are 3-4 weeks old get a medicinal powder sprinkled in with their food that helps to prevent coccidia infections, an intestinal parasite common with puppies.

Labrador puppies are extremely active. To make sure that they are not getting into any trouble or to make sure that there are no medical emergencies our kennels are monitored 24/7 via video monitoring. That way if anything should happen, we can intervene as quickly as possible.

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