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Features of a Labrador Retriever

British Lab Puppies For Sale in Alabama

Labrador Retrievers are the most popular breed of dogs in the United States, Canada as well as many other nations around the world. If you have ever been around a British Lab you know why that is. British Lab puppies and adults are some of the most beautiful dogs in the world and when combined with their intelligence and athleticism it creates a most perfect combination. If you have a British Lab as a pet you know what kind of amazing dog they are and if you are looking to take one home you will be getting just about the perfect dog.

First, British Labs can and will be born here in the United States just like their American cousins. A British Lab will not bark with an English accent nor will it feel the urge to have afternoon tea, eat fish and chips or watch rugby unless you want it to of course. They have no more allegiance to the Queen than you do and will certainly not come erect when Rule Britannia is played.

There are some small differences with the British Lab and their American cousins. Most of it revolves around the roles that the dogs play. The most noticeable difference is that a British Lab has a heavier and a larger head than their American cousin. Their eyes are also larger and farther apart as well. Their body is more broad with a deeper and fuller chest with a stronger neck. British Labs have more powerful hindquarters with a strong, powerful and heavy tail which is more otter-like as it tapers downward to a point, unlike their American cousins which have more whippy tails that point upwards. American Labs are narrower and more streamlined since they are bred for speed and agility, not strength and power like their British cousins. Both breeds are generally about the same height but American Labs can be slightly taller.

When looking at a British Lab they tend to have a stockier and more chunky appearance. The stockiness tends to lead to more weight but for many owners they are more concerned with another common description of their four-legged friend: cuddly. British Labs fur coats are durable and waterproof from being bred for hard work on the coast of Newfoundland and even after their working days have come to an end their coat still retains these characteristics.

British Lab Puppies For Sale in Florida

British Labs are better suited to be family pets. They have better temperament and discipline. That is of course not to say that American Labs do not make good pets, they can, they are just bred more for working and hunting due to their high energy. British Labs do not need to spend as much time outdoors and as much time exercising making them much less active and thus more controllable and relaxed. As they age British Lab puppies become gentle and loving companions.

An article from notes:

"If you just want a relaxed family pet, or the appearance of your dog is important to you, then an English Lab may be a simpler choice than a Lab from working lines."

When choosing a dog a British Lab typically comes in three different colors: black, chocolate or yellow. Yellow labs can be almost a white or cream color to a darker yellow with a red overcoat. There are also silver labs that have begun to appear, but they have not been accepted as a individual color of their own. The silver color is derived from genetic manipulation of the chocolate.

If a British Lab is right for you, you will get a strong, athletic, handsome and gentle loving pet. You will fall in love with them instantly. If you are looking to adopt a British Lab puppy, check out Ruffwood Labs and see what we have to offer. You may just leave with a friend or two for life!

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