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What do I name my new puppy?

So you have picked the perfect new friend! So, what name do we give our new friend?

AKC puppy magazine published the Top 150 Dog Name List.

I hope this helps some of our new owners find the perfect name for that new 4-legged friend!

The Top 150 Dog Name List

The names below are our favorite top 150 dog names, inspired by the thousands of dogs that have participated in AKC sports and events over the years. We hope one of these names helps you get off to the perfect start with your new pup!

Abby Ace Addie Adele Annie Apollo Aspen Bailey Beamer Bear Belle Bella Birdie Bling Blue Bogey Body Boomer Bowen Breeze Brie Brody Buzz Callaway Casey Cash Catcher Chaos Chase Chili CiCi Cody Cole Comet Cooper Cruise Crush Daisy Dare Dash Dawson Dazzle Demi Denali Diva Dixie Echo Eli Ellie Emmy Evie Finn Flash Frankie Frisco Gator Georgia Ginger Grace Haley Happy Harley Hattie Hope Hunter Indy Jack Jamie Jax Jazz Jenna Jersey Jet Jinx JoJo Josie Joy Juno Karma Kenzi Kiva Kona Kyra Lacie Lark Laser Latte Levi Lilly Linx Logan Lucy Luke Max Mia Mojo Molly Murphy Nike Nova Obie Ollie Peach Penny Pepper Piper Prada Ranger Raven Reggie Remington Riley Ripley Riot River Roxie Ruby Rumor Salsa Scarlett Scout Shadow Shiloh Skye Slater Sophie Spark Spencer Spirit Spring Star Storm Strider Summer Tally Tango Tank Taylor Tease Tessa Token Tori Tripp Trooper Tucker Tux Whip Wyatt Zeke Zip

Good dog names are hard to come by. In the popular television series “Columbo,” the detective played by Peter Falk was sometimes accompanied by his droopy-faced basset hound. His dog’s name: Dog. Most dog owners are a bit more imaginative when it comes to naming their pets. The list of the most popular dog names generally doesn’t change much from year to year, a little like the list of most popular dog breeds in America. But some names are trendier than others, though they might not make the list of most popular. Do you see any cute names for your pet here? Check out our AKC dog name app to learn more about the special method to naming your dog when registering with the American Kennel Club.The top 10 trendy names for male dogs:

Sawyer — A fitting name for a mischievous or adventurous dog.

Jack — A solid, popular name.

Hudson — Here’s a name gaining popularity with human babies, but seems suitable for a hound.

Finn — Perfect for one of the Irish breeds.

Emerson — A fitting name for a dog of noble stature.

Bear — Good choice for the large canine; comical choice for the toy breeds.

Puppy — Colombo-esque, but it’s the name Zac Efron gave his Australian Shepherd.

Max — Another trendy name for human babies. Any dog would be comfortable with it.

Kai — It’s hip and means “ocean” in Hawaiian.

Cooper — Another solid name. Mini Cooper might be a good choice for toy breed.

The top 10 trendy names for female dogs:

Elsa — It grows on you.

Bella — It was the most popular female puppy name last year.

Stella — Try shouting the name like Marlon Brando in “A Streetcar Named Desire.”

Quinn — A bit masculine, but some female dogs act like tomboys.

Sophie — Reserved for the cutest puppies.

Ivy — Yes, somewhat like Beyoncé’s kid, Blue Ivy.

Charlie — A fitting name for your little angel.

Aurora — The Roman goddess of dawn. An appropriate name for a female dog who gets you out of bed before the alarm clock does.

Avery — The name has a British ring to it.

Lila — A fitting name for a fluffy pet.

Ruffwood Labs favorites are Leroy, Rhae, Ellie, Khalie and Harlow!

I hope that perfect names jumps out there!

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