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Is Your Pet Prepared for a Disaster!

The best time to prepare for a disaster is before one actually occurs. Prepare yourself and your pets. I have attached some links below for websites that will help protect your pet.

FEMA has a downloadable brochure to assist you in preparing your pet for disasters. This will assist you with preparing your Pet Disaster Kit, click the link to get your copy today.

Another good idea is to have a way of alerting Rescue workers of a pet in your home. The ASPCA has a FREE Rescue Alert Sticker available for order, allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. This will get your pet to safety sooner than later.

I am speaking mainly of dogs and cats here, but please keep all your pets safe during a disaster. And plan accordingly to your pets specific needs.

Now, let's talk about what you will need:

1. Leash, collar or harness with ID- update your contact info with microchip providers.

Consider getting your pet microchipped, if you haven't already. You can get more

information about this process from your Veterinary Care Provider.

2. Have appropriate size carriers/crates with bedding and toys for each of your pets

3. Have enough Food and Water for at least 3 days for each of your pets. Have it stored in a airtight water-proof container. Don't forget the manual can opener if you have canned food for them.

4. Make sure you have any medication that your pet takes- have it in a sealed container

and make sure the label contains your pets name, name of medication and the dosage

5. Have a food and water bowl.

6. Have poop bags available for your pup or kitty litter and litter box for your cat.

7. Have a current photo of your pet, in the situation that you are separated.

8. Have a pet First Aid kit.

9. Have your plan for the variety of disasters you may encounter; Fire, Hurricane/Tornado, Earthquake, Floods. Each of these situations may have very different evacuation plans. Know where you are going ahead of time. Have a plan, make sure everyone in your household knows the plan and stick to it.

10. Keep updated to changing weather reports for your area.

I hope none of you ever find yourself in the situation to need any of this information. Please discuss the possibility and plan accordingly.

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