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Summer Fun For You, Danger To Your Dog

Family Fun and Celebration is wonderful, but not everyone loves the whizz and bang of fireworks. Let me rephrase that, even though humans love 4th of July, not all pets will agree.

The many aspects of the 4th of July Festivities may be frightening to your dog, large crowds, noise, new smells, and human food, these things could cause a dangerous situation.

Noisy fireworks can startle your dog causing them to run away. Debris could look like a toy to your dog, and be deadly if eaten or swallowed. There is also the potential for burns. Human foods are unhealthy or even have the potential to be dangerous if consumed by your dog. so keep in mind what is fun for you, could be a hazard to your dog.

Prepare Ahead

Make sure your dog has identification tags with your correct contact information. This would be a good time to consider microchipping your dog if you haven't already done that. We hear at Ruffwood Labs use the AKC Reunite microchip, which is the size of a grain of rice, is easily inserted, and reasonable prices. But, remember if you already have a microchip, keep your information up to date, outdated information does not get your doggy friend home. Did you register your microchip? If you never registered your chip, the previous owner or breeder will the ones getting notified, slowing the process of getting Fido home.

Take a current photo of your dog, just in case!

If your dog has displayed anxious behavior in the past, or you suspect it may become nervous, you may want to take precautions. You may want to consult your physician regarding medication to keep him calm. Make sure your dog has a safe and secure environment to keep them contained. Choose the safest place for your pet, even if that is inside your home. If you opt to bring them inside, make sure the area is free of hazards. Make them comfortable by blocking out load noises by turning on the TV or radio to a station with soothing sounds, not the live coverage of the fireworks display. If your dog is not accustomed to being indoors, an escape-proof crate.

Leave your pet home, they won't mind missing the festivities. Unfamiliar places and crowds can be stressful and cause unwanted anxiety.

Keep foreign objects away from your dog! Sparklers, glow sticks, skewers and charcoal could all pique the interest of your dog. Keep your dog away from the grill, this has the potential to not only injure your dog but you. After the party, check your yard for firework debris, before allowing your dog back into the yard. Even if you were not shooting off fireworks, your neighbor could have and that could have fallen into your yard.

Don't Feed the dog! Table scraps are unhealthy for your dog. Many human consumable foods have the potential to be toxic and deadly to your pooch.

If you are hosting, remind guest to be considerate of your pup and make sure he doesn't escape and become lost.

To much sun and heat can be dangerous. Make sure your dog has access to plenty of cool fresh water and a shady spot to rest outside. Dehydration is a real possibility with the summer heat and humidity. Don't leave your dog outside for extended periods of time. Know the signs for a dog becoming overheated.

* Heavy panting

* dry or bright red gums

* thick drool

* vomiting

* diarrhea

* wobbly legs

If you are traveling out of town, consider leaving your dog home with a sitter or board them at a kennel. Not all dogs like to travel or feel comfortable in strange places. You know your dogs' behavior and what they tolerate and what they don't.

Never leave your dog in the vehicle, not even for a short period of time.

Be mindful of the hours you choose to exercise your dog, early morning or late evening are always the best times during the summer. Take breaks in the shade and provide plenty of water. Stay off the asphalt or concrete to keep your dog's paws cooler. Besides the possibility of burning their paws, it can increase their body temperature and cause over-heating. Don't allow your dog to ride the back of a truck during summer, hot metal can burn paws quickly.

Practice water safety for your dog at the pool or out on the water. Not all dogs swim well. If your dog loves to go sailing or boating, invest in a doggy life vest, in a bright color, in case of an accident. Never let your dog play in the pool area unattended. They may not know how to get out of the pool or may become trapped by the equipment. If out on the beach, strong currents or rip tides could sweep your dog out to sea. While swimming in the lake or river, keep your dog close, vessels may not be able to see your dog in the water.

Parasite Treatment and prevention

People aren't the only ones being bitten during the summer months. Parasites are everywhere; fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and others. Parasites can carry tapeworms, heartworms and diseases such as Lyme. This could place your dog at risk.

Have a happy and relaxing summer while keeping your Best Friend safe and sound.

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