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A few Major Training Tips: To successfully Engage with your puppy!

Are you planning to own a dog? Then why not pick them young and start training them right away, with TLC of course! Buying a puppy can be very confusing at times, especially if you do not have a specific breed in mind. We personally recommend a British Labrador Retriever! But, you should always check the breeder and then check their health records to ensure proper care and immunization. What is great about buying a puppy, you have the option not only to choose which dog you like best, but also the color option such as chocolate, yellow, black, or fox red. Exciting, right?

Why should you train them young?

Choosing to train your Labrador retriever at an early age enables you to engage better with your pup and build a better relationship with it. This is important because it creates a deeper connection of trust and loyalty between you both.

Here are a few major training tips to start with.

1. Always keep a schedule: Choose a specific time of day to do regular routine activities with your puppy. Following a schedule enables you to establish a learning curve. It also strengthens your bond since you are constantly including him in your daily routine. This fosters positive traits and character such as trust and loyalty, because you as a master and friend are constantly showing interest.

Plan your routine: Think about what you want your beautiful British Labrador Retriever to learn and modify it into an everyday routine, This will enable the pup to ge t used to it trainings. Remember that training your dog requires a great deal of patience. Do not get frustrated when it does not get the whole training part the first time you teach it. Expose your little pup slowly to the cycle and behavior that you want him to follow.

2. Give yummy treats: Giving a reward every time it follows routine and accomplish a milestone enables it to realize this is a good thing. This establishes a mindset of positive reinforcement. Also, it shows how some of its behavior is not good, when not given the treat that is expected.

These are a few of the basics when you are planning to start training your puppy. If you do not have one yet, we would highly recommend a British Labrador retriever, in the color you like; chocolate, yellow, black, or fox red; from a legit seller; such as RuffWoodLabs. You can go to their website and see for yourself.

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