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What happens when you misplace your phone in the kennel?

Well, I guess we've all misplaced a phone once or twice, right?

Let me tell you about my husband and his phone history. He has a track record for phone mishaps, down a man-hole cover, in the lake, down the toilet (multiple times), ran over with the lawn mower, and one even slid off the dashboard and out the window while going around a curve...but his recent mishap is a first! Yesterday while giving a kennel tour, he ventured outside with 2 of our juvenile dogs and in the process of playing around with them, he lost yet another the play yard! By the time he realized he didn't have his phone, it was to late! All kidding aside, the situation could have been worse, Like the above photo! ^

Luckily, they hadn't managed to swallow the thing, only mangle it. And I do mean mangle!

It seems two juvenile labs can do major damage to a cell phone, in a very short time!

Needless to say, we made yet another trip to the cell phone provider, for yet another phone! One of the hazards of lab ownership, I guess!

But, seriously folks, be mindful of small objects around your pets! It only takes a short time for them to get into some real pickles, even with ordinary objects.

No pets were harmed in the posting of this BLOG!

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