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What will be under your tree this Christmas Season?

Have your kids been asking for a new pet? Have you ever considered the benefits of a Christmas puppy?

Parents Magazine, published an article called, "The Benefits of Pets, 5 surprising ways pets are good for kids—and families too!" In the article they showcase photos of cute kids and cute puppies but the true grit of the article is this...

1. Pets teach responsibility and friendship

2. Pets promote learning and imagination

3. Pets provide comfort

4. Pets encourage nurturing

5. Pets promote Healthy lifestyles

We've learned that the presence of animals in a child's home, help foster their emotional, cognitive, social, and physical development, along with empathy and responsibility. A pet gives a child something to talk about and therefore gives them the opportunity to share that information with other children; a common interest! When a child feels sad, angry or afraid they often turn to a pet for comfort; no judgment from a pet, they are happy to be by your side. Pets give children a chance to be care givers, they get to practice a skill they have learned from watching their parents.

The health benefits are a given; they become more active when a new playmate is present. Pets build family bonds; you share in walks, throwing the ball, snuggle time, and conversation!

So, I ask you again...Have you considered a puppy for Christmas?

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