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Happy Howl-o-ween!

We, at Ruffwood Labs, love this time of year! We love fall decorations and especially cute Halloween costumes. We Dress a couple of our dogs in costumes and let them assist us in handing out treats, they aren't afraid of the kids and adults in costume and don't mind wearing them either.

We have a few dogs that also love to get into the spirit of things, notice I said "a few". Not all our pups are so fun-loving and willing to participate. So before you go and purchase or make a costume for your furry friend, make sure they are willing participants. Have a trial run, wear a mask around the house and call them to you. If they are scared or overly cautious, they may not be into this kind of thing. You know your dog better than anyone, so you do what you know is right. Don't force your dog into a costume and drag them around the neighborhood, if what they really want to do, is sit at home and chow down on a few treats of their own and avoid the whole day.

Here are a few tips for Dog Halloween Costume Safety:

Avoid anything Toxic-no hair dye or zombie makeup for your pooch.Beware of choking hazards- doggies do love to pull and tug and dangly things.Keep it Simple- A cute shirt or funny hat may be all you needNever leave your dog unattendedComfort is key- the more comfortable your pup is, the more relaxed you will both be.Take a test run- by introducing your pup to people wearing costumes in their presence and allowing them to wear one of their own.Keep the temperature in mind- we don't want anyone overheatingDon't go overboard-keeping pup close to home would be easier than dragging them around the neighborhood to show off.Keep photoshoots short and to a minimum.If your dog looks uncomfortable, ditch the costume.If Fido becomes agitated or scared, remove them from the situation.

We like funny and cute costumes and consider the dog's personality when choosing a costume for them. Sometimes we just go with a dog shirt with a witty saying or logo. They just love the attention they get from the ghouls and goblins and enjoy a few treats along the way. We have plenty of dog treats on hand to share with our pooches and guest pooches. We also make sure to keep the kid-friendly treats out of reach of our furry friends.

Ruffwood Labs would like to wish you all a safe and Happy Howl-o-ween!


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