Meet Our Dogs

All of our dogs are AKC registered Labrador Retriever, more specifically British Labs. They are in excellent health and spirit. Whether you are looking for a hunting companion, service animal or adventure buddy, we have a dog for you!

They have a wonderful temperament, are extremely intelligent, easily trained and completely loyal to their humans.

Tuff Girls Rhae of Sunshine


I'm an adventurous girl with lots of spunk! I love a good roll in the grass and splash in the pool. I love to ride the golf cart with my humans and explore new places. And I love to get my ear rubbed!

Chocolate Kahlua of Wild Rose


I'm a sweet girl that loves to get my ears rubbed and hang out with my humans. I am a little shy and cautious when I first meet you, but warm up quickly with a good belly rub and treat.

Oakridge Ellie of Redcoat Brackenson
I'm a social butterfly that can't start the day without greeting all my companions with a little yelp and wag of the tail!  I love a good romp 
thru the grass and splash in the pool.


Ruffwood's Midnight Harlow

I love to play, run and roll in the grass. I can't resist a ride on the golf cart! I love to explore and meet new creatures, large and small.

I love to play fetch and chase butterflies.

Laid Back LeRoy Brown

I love to give kisses and lounge around inside the house, chase butterflies, pick flowers, chase a ball, and hide my toys.

I am a Clown and seem to get into trouble for just being me! My Humans say I'm to smart for my own good...just because I can let myself and the Girls out of our kennels! I have been working really hard on my obedience training; I sit in place and stay until called, I heal excellently, and I've even been working on some tricks and rally training. I will earn my Canine Good Citizenship Award soon!




Golden Xena of Ruffwood

In case you haven't guessed, I am Mom's favorite House Dog!

I love to ride in the car. I am goofy and love to turn flips. I love to watch TV and snuggle up on the couch with a blanket, pillow and my humans. I am very observant, nothing gets by me. I love to splash in the pool and dig holes in the back yard. I love to give big sloppy kisses!

Ruffwood's Curtis Lowe

I am the newest member of the crew! I am a English lab, and Dad says I am going to be a stud. I don't know what that is, but hey, I am easy going. What ev!

I love to play with all my new sisters and brother. I love to tackle the cat, but she has started to retaliate. Ouch!

I am learning new tricks everyday and looking forward to meeting all the visitors here at the kennel. 

Family Tree

Yellow British lab puppy

Yellow British lab puppy

Black and White British Labrador Puppies

Black and White British Labrador Puppies

Yellow lab puppy

Yellow lab puppy

Chocolate British Labrador retrievers

Chocolate British Labrador retrievers

Chocolate and Yellow

Chocolate and Yellow

British Lab puppies

Yellow, Chocolate and Black labs

Yellow, Chocolate and Black labs

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Blountsville, AL 35031

Serving Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and more!

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