Fox Red Labradors

    Technically speaking the Fox Red Labrador Retriever is considered to be a Yellow Labrador. But whether you call them Fox Red, Foxred or Redfox these dogs will find a way to your heart.


    Typically Labs are usually chocolate or black. To get a Yellow Lab they must inherit two e genes, which default the dog to a yellow coat. The red coat comes mostly from a pigment called pheomelanin, which is controlled by two other sets of genes, A and C. If all of these genes come together you will get a Fox Red Lab and their stunning reddish coat.​

    There was a time when all Labs were black. This was partly because of nature and partly because of humans. Genetics conspire to make Black Labs the most common  and for a time only Black Labs were considered to be desirable by humans and all of the others were culled. Fortunately, that is not done anymore and there have even been times when darker yellow Labs were extremely popular and while the popularity of the color is not what it was 50 years ago there is still interest. These dogs are still popular as working dogs though not as popular as hunting dogs since they are more easily spotted.

    Over time lighter colored labs have become more and more popular and Yellow Labs became extremely popular dogs to own. Even the Queen of England had one. Dark yellow was the normal color until after World War 1 when a reddish color began to appear in the coat. The Fox Red Labrador was born in the UK through a breeding program and has only picked up in popularity since.

    The color is more common with American Labs than with British and it can be very difficult to find a Fox Red Lab but not impossible. They can usually be identified at birth by the peach-colored pigment which will darken as they age. Both breeds are bred to be working dogs more than show dogs. Many breeders believe that getting this color of retriever is impossible but some breeders do specialize in this color, you just have to find them.

Fox Red Labrador