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January 20, 2020

We've gathered a few tips and facts from the experts at AKC and Labrador-Central to help you prepare for winter with your Labrador retriever. 

• Beware of Antifreeze (Ethylene Glycol): Antifreeze is a liquid that is added to a car’s radiator to prevent freezing. This is...

October 12, 2019

We, at Ruffwood Labs, love this time of year! We love fall decorations and especially cute Halloween costumes. We Dress a couple of our dogs in costumes and let them assist us in handing out treats, they aren't afraid of the kids and adults in costume and don't mind we...

September 1, 2019

The best time to prepare for a disaster is before one actually occurs. Prepare yourself and your pets. I have attached some links below for websites that will help protect your pet. 

FEMA has a downloadable brochure to assist you in preparing your pet for disasters...

August 11, 2019

If your Labrador Retriever is like ours here at Ruffwood Labs, they love to play. And they play hard! Labradors are a very active bunch, they love to chew, run, dig and fetch. They all have favorite toys and games, but those may not be the same for every dog. Labs have...

July 20, 2019

Even the most responsible pet owners can get into a situation. Recently one of our dogs had to have surgery to remove a corn cob from his stomach after he had ingested it while rummaging thru the trash. The same trash can that normally stays locked to prevent such as t...

July 4, 2019

Family Fun and Celebration is wonderful, but not everyone loves the whizz and bang of fireworks. Let me rephrase that, even though humans love 4th of July, not all pets will agree.

The many aspects of the 4th of July Festivities may be frightening to your dog, large cro...

April 21, 2019

When do Labrador Retriever puppies stop growing?

This breed of dogs is so cute that we simply cannot resist. The Labrador Retriever is a loyal, intelligent dog, easy to train, energetic and very active, so he needs space to move. 

The size of the Labrador retriever.


March 29, 2019

Your Labrador Retriever is an active and high-energy animal. They love to exercise and spend as much time as they can in the outdoors. Exercise is an important part of living a happy healthy life and along with a proper diet and good veterinary care will lead to a dram...

March 29, 2019

Labrador Retrievers are the most popular breed of dogs in the world. British Lab puppies and adults are some of the most beautiful dogs in the world and when combined with their intelligence and athleticism it creates a most perfect combination.

March 29, 2019

Why Labrador Retrievers are great for the First time dog owner!

If you are tired of always being disappointed with humans, then you can just buy your very own best friend.  To nourish and care until you both get old.  The very reason why people prefer to live and sacrif...

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